Permits are valid for 10 travel days. Driver must have permit prior to entering the state.

Travel is permitted one-half hour before sunrise to one-half hour after sunset. Overweight only and capable of traveling with the traffic flow are not restricted to daylight travel time. No weekend travel for loads over 10’6″ wide, 100′ in length or 108,000 pounds gross. Movement may be restricted on Friday afternoons between July 1st and Labor Day. Overweight only and capable of traveling with the traffic flow are not restricted to daylight travel.

State highway speed is limited to 45 miles per hour for loads exceeding 90,000 pounds, 10′ wide, 13’6 high or over 75’ long. Loads over 10’6″ wide, 100′ long or 108,000 gross pounds are restricted from traveling on holidays and weekends starting Friday noon through sunrise Monday from July 1st through Labor Day.

Width: 8’6″
Height: 13’6
Length: 53′ semi-trailer on Interstate and designated highways (41′ Kingpin to center of rear axle), 75′ overall length.
Weight: 80,000 Gross; Single – 20,000 designated highways, 22,400 other roads; Tandem – 34,000 designated highways, 36,000 other roads

Width: 15′
Height: 14′
Length: 100′
Overhang: Not to exceed one-third the length of the load.
Weight: “Department decides on case-by-case basis”, 150,000 lbs. gross

Width: 12′ or greater – 1 escort
Length: 80′ or greater – 1 escort
Overhang: 15′ or greater – 1 escort

“Oversize Load” signs and flags are required on all oversized vehicle. Red flags (at least 18″ square) are required on corners and extremities of loads or vehicles. Over length loads or loads with front or rear overhang which exceeds 4 feet, one flag shall be displayed at the end of the overhang if less than 2 feet wide, and two flags if the overhang is 2 feet wide or more.

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