North Dakota

Permits are valid for 3 days. Driver must have permit prior to entering the state.

Sunrise to sunset, including Saturday and Sunday. Loads over 16′ wide and 110′ long are not permitted to travel Saturday after 12 noon or Sunday all day. Overweight only can have continuous travel.

Loads over 16′ wide are not permitted to travel starting 12 noon the day prior to a major holiday until sunrise the day after the holiday.

Width: 8’6″
Height: 14′ (unless routes of travel include structures that are not 14′)
Length: 53′ semi-trailer and load, 75 overall including load and any rear overhang
Weight: 80,000 Gross; Single – 20,000; Tandem – 34,000; Tridem – 48,000

Width: 18′
Height: 18′
Length: 120′
Weight: Steer – 12,100 for 11″ tires (550 pounds per inch of tire width); Single – 24,000; Tandem – 45,000; Tridem – 60,000; Quad – 68,000

Width: Over 14’6″ on 2-lane highways– 1 escort; over 16′ – 2 escorts on 2-lane highways or 1 escort on 4-lane highways; over 18′ – 2 escorts and 1 Police escort.
Length: Over 120′ – 1 escort
Height: Over 18′ – written authority from utility companies to travel under overhead wires.
Note: Instead of pilot car, for width over 14’6 but not over 16′, load may be equipped with lighted rotating or flashing amber light(s) that are visible from the front and rear at 500 feet

Spring weight restrictions on non-Interstate highways go into effect some time in February and last into May and even much later on a few highways.

“Oversize Load” sign is required on rear of the vehicle when overall length exceeds 75′. All over dimensional loads must have red or bright orange flags, 18″ square, on the traffic side of the load front and rear. Loads authorized with night movements are required to have clearance lights visible from the front, rear and side, marking the outermost portion of the vehicle and load which extends beyond legal width; 1 rotating or 2 flashing amber lights mounted above the cab visible at a distance not less than 500′; flashing amber lights are required at the rear when lights on the cab are not visible. Overhang of 4′ or more shall be marked at the extreme end of the load with flags (red, 12″ x 12″) during day and red lights during night travel.

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