Miscellaneous Oversize/Overweight

Please read each permit carefully. You are responsible for the permits accuracy and for having all required permit provisions or attachments. Except where noted, all information in this permit book is for non-divisible loads, or loads not creating extra dimensions.

According to Federal regulations, no rear overhang is allowed on a loaded container. It must be fully supported by the trailer. For an empty container, the rear overhang limit is 5 feet, but it should be verified with each state to make sure they follow the same guideline if you have an empty container with rear overhang.

Increased Licensing for Overweight Loads:
In some states, you must be licensed for more than 80,000 pounds to carry an overweight permit load.

States where you must register for at least the weight you are trying to permit:
Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana (if MT plated), New York

States with specific weight registration requirements for Overweight Permits:
Kansas: Tractor must be registered for 85,500 to be permitted for over 80,000 or pay for trip permit.
Louisiana: Register for 88,000 to haul overweight.
Maine: Register for 90,000 to haul over 80,000 up to 90,000 or register for 100,000 maximum to go over 90,000.
Montana: Register for the amount you wish to haul. Or you can buy a trip permit, if not MT plated.
Nebraska: Register for the amount of weight you can legally carry (86,000 for a 3-axle tractor and spread axle trailer) or for 94,000 to permit for that much or more.
North Dakota: Register at maximum of 105,000 to be permitted for that or more, or pay extra on the O/W permit.
Oklahoma: Between 80,000 and 90,000 pounds, you must be registered for at least the amount you need permitted. To haul over 90,000 pounds, you must be registered for 90,000 pounds.
Oregon: Register for 105,500 pounds to permit that much or more.
South Dakota: Register for maximum you haul, or you can pay extra on the O/W permit.
Washington: Register for 105,500 to permit that much or more.
Wyoming: Register for 117,000 to haul that much or more, or pay extra for a trip permit.

Note: Even if you are registered for over 80,000 GVW, you must still get an overweight permit to go over 80,000 GVW legally in most states.

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