Permits are valid for 3 days.

Travel is allowed during daylight only (one-half hour before sunrise to one-half hour after sunset), seven days a week. Continuous travel may be allowed with a permit, if overweight only. Poles, pipes, and beams are exempt from length permits only during daytime travel. Loads not exceeding 90′ long (other dimensions legal) may have continuous travel.

No oversize travel through the Little Rock area between the hours of 7:00 – 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 – 6:00 p.m.; and on I-30 (M.M. 138-143), I-40 (M.M. 151-155), and all of I-630. No travel on major holidays. If holiday falls on Monday or Friday, no weekend movement allowed

Width: 8’6″
Height: 13′ 6″
Length: 53’6″ trailer and load
Overhang: 3′ front, 4′ rear; 60′ poles, pipes, machinery, steel beams or other objects of a structural nature do not require a permit for daylight travel for up to 90′ overall length. Night travel requires a permit. Otherwise, up to 53’6″ trailer/load is allowed without permit. (If long beams are on a stretch trailer and do not extend beyond the rear of the trailer, then a permit is required.)
Weight: 80,000 Gross; Single – 20,000; Tandem – 34,000; Tridem – 54,000
Steer Axle – Arkansas asks for manufacturer’s front axle weight rating (up to maximum of 20,000 pounds), which you are not allowed to exceed.

Width:18′ (20′ on some non-interstate routes)
Height:17′ (Over 16′ must obtain special approval, and is not allowed on Interstates. Utilities personnel must accompany load over 17′.)
Note: Over 14′ wide or over 15′ high is looked at on a case-by-case basis to determine if route survey is required.
Length: No set limit
Weight: Single – 20,000; Tandem – 46,000; Tridem – 60,000; Quad – 68,000
Note – Loads exceeding these dimensions are classed as Super Loads.

Width: One 2-lane Highways:
Over 12′ – 1 escort
Over 14′ – 2 escorts
One Interstate and Controlled Access Highways:
Over 14′ – 1 escort
Over 16′ – 2 escorts
Police escorts for larger loads are looked at on a case-by-case basis
Height: Over 15′ – 1 escort with height pole
Length: Over 100′ – 1 escort shall follow a vehicle on Interstates, controlled access, and divided highways with four or more lanes, and the escort shall
lead a vehicle on all other highways.
Over 115′ – 2 escorts (one leading and one following) are required on all highways with fewer than four lanes.

“Oversize Load” signs are required on front and rear of all loads exceeding legal width, height or length. Red flags 18″ square are required on lower rear corners on all loads exceeding legal width, height or length. There are no sign or flag requirements for overweight only loads.

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