Permits are valid for 5 days. Driver must have permit prior to entering state.

Travel is allowed daylight only, (one-half hour before sunrise to one-half hour after sunset) Monday through Saturday. No Sunday travel. Continuous travel is not allowed even when overweight only.

No travel is allowed on major holidays.

Width: 8’6″ (8′ on lanes less than 12′ wide)
Height: 13’6”
Length: 57′ trailers (53’6″ on roads less than 12′ wide) and 85′ overall (unless trailer exceeds 57′)
Overhang: 10′ front; 5′ rear; must be within length limits
Weight: 80,000 Gross; Single – 20,000; Tandem – 34,000; Tridem – 42,000

Width: 16′ (over 16′ cannot use Interstate)
Height: 16’
Length: 150′ (maximum overhang 20′)
Overhang: 20′ overhang is the maximum permitted.
Weight: 250,00 Gross weight; Steer – 12,000; Single – 22,000; Tandem – 44,000; Tridem – 66,000; Quad – 88,000; 5 axles – 110,000; 6 axles – 122,000; 7 axles – 142,000; 8 axles – 150,000
Loads exceeding these dimensions, over 150,000 are Superloads.

Width: over 12′ – 2 escorts needed.
Height: over 15’5″– 1 escort needed *(may be needed at lower heights on some routes)
Bucket or Blade Rule: If bucket or blade protrudes past sides of trailer – 1 escort needed. (No escort needed if outriggers are used to prevent bucket or blade from protruding sides of trailer).
Length: With legal trailer length, over 85′ – 1 escort needed, over 105′ – 2 escorts needed. Trailer length over 57’ – 1 rear escort needed
Overhang: over 5′ rear overhang – 1 rear escort needed, over 10′ front overhang – 1 front escort needed.

Bulldozers, front end loaders and similar equipment shall be loaded with the blade to the rear any time the blade protrudes beyond the transporting vehicle. Overweight dozer and blade must be attached, or else hauled on separate loads if blade is detached. 60′ Structural steel is exempt from permits and escorts.

“Oversize Load” signs front and rear of any over width or over length vehicle or combination of vehicles and loads. Flags must be placed at front and rear corners of any over dimensional load or vehicle. Over 4′ rear overhang requires lights at night. (Over 5′ needs a permit, and cannot run at night). There are no sign or flag requirements for over height or overweight only loads.

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