Truck carrying an oversized load with an oversized truck permit


Welcome to Central Permits, LLC

Oversize Truck Permit Services Available Here

At Central Permits our goal is to make your company as efficient and profitable as possible by providing over-size and over-weight permits quickly and accurately. With almost 50 years in the commercial trucking industry, Central Permits has a comprehensive understanding of the trucks, trailers and equipment used in transporting over-sized freight. Tired of not taking permitted freight close to the weekend? Our primary goal is that your trucks continue moving. A truck sitting is a truck not generating revenue.

We order permits for the entire US and most Canadian Providences, as well as NYC, all thruways, and many counties and cities. We can also provide you with required provisions, escort referrals, and quotes.

Your first trip with Central Permits will be free of any service fees (you will be responsible for the individual state costs only). This will give you an opportunity to use our application and see how our service operates. It is as simple as filling out our customer packet along with the application and faxing or emailing it back to us.

We accept major credit cards, ComCheck, T-Chek, or you can choose to be invoiced, following a simple credit check. We charge a service fee of $21 per standard permit ordered. Fees for non-standard permits and super-loads vary.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call or send an email. We look forward to working with you!

Contacting a Permit Agent

We have several permit agents waiting to assist you. Contact us by dialing toll-free to 877-246-8571, and an experienced permit agent will be on the line to assist you.

You can also contact us by sending an Email to Once again an experienced permit agent will respond to your request.

Our fax number is 320-373-6459.